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The Migration

There will be some schooling...but we keep it easy, fast,
and you won't be in deep water :-)

Upgrading your present system to Conveyorware...
You may actually enjoy the process!

Many business owners dread the challenge of learning a new software system.  Fortunately, with conveyorware the learning curve is genuinely painless. The time you spend learning the basics of the software, will be be of great benefit in the years to come.

You may want to peruse some of our linked documents below before diving in. This information helps new users move comfortably through Conveyorware Software.

This would also be a great time to chat with one of us on the Conveyorware Team, to help you with specifics for your type of company.

Time to Talk to the Team at Conveyorware

If you are already using a software system, you will certainly want to transfer your operational data into Conveyorware. We can help make that happen! Also know that the Migration page in our "Quick Start Guide", outlines the few details necessary for a smooth transition into Conveyorware.

REMEMBER : You have all the free training time you need to get started, and then 20 hours more if you ever need it! This is standard with your subscription!!!
If you get stumped, and the field-sensitive help has not answered your question, just complete a support ticket from "My Account"... and help is on the way, and quickly!

In addition to the on-line/field sensitive help, free training, support, "Quick Start Guide" and "Owners Manual", we also have video tutorials and short webinars to walk you through sections of the software that may require a little more explanation.

We take Tech Support and Training very seriously at Conveyorware, and we look forward to showing you this firsthand.

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