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We live and work in an amazing place - a Hybridization of Warehouse and Software as a Service, one-part digital conveyance, one part physical.

Our ecosystem began with Fred Ferber's first Warehouse, back in 1963.
The growth of his 500,000 square foot warehouse near Detroit, led to development of one of the most sophisticated Warehouse Management Software systems in the world.
We call what we have an "Ecosystem", because it is so "all encompassing". Our people know the old ways, but the mission has always been to utilize the best technology of today, and to CREATE the best technologies for tomorrow.
Beyond this, our culture is about:

  • Perfecting the Art & Science of Digital and Physical Conveyance
  • Loving what you do
  • Making it fun
  • Helping our customers to enjoy their own lives more, through the benefit of our digital ecosystem

Software & people that do this, are best defined as: "Conveyorware".

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The Needs of our Customers

Our business has always been about knowing how to help our customers. In the first month of training we provide for free, we see this as a double duty opportunity - a time to get to know YOU, and to become aware of any special intricacies unique to your business.

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Driving successful enterprises since 1962, Fred Ferber has been successfully creating innovative, cutting-edge products. From design to manufacturing and distribution, numerous products have been developed for home and business. Through warehousing and distribution of such products, Fred Ferber has developed streamlined fulfillment processes, now available to you in his CONVEYORWARE, “All-in-One” Business Distribution, SaaS System.

Innovative electronic products are the cornerstone upon which Fred Ferber built a thriving, lucrative business.

A partial list includes:

  • First-generation electronic games innovation:  Ricochet™

  • Premier CB Radio Line:  Surveyor™

  • Early Home Computing System:  Interact™

  • Electronic Printing Calculator:  Rapid Printer™

  • Digital products from scientific calculators to digital watches:  MIKE™ Microelectronic Systems

  • Business phone system with memory dialing and built-in calculator:  Micro Dialer™

Proven Results

Conveyorware Business Distribution Software was developed and designed for the management needs of "HOUSE OF IMPORTS" and affiliated companies, which distributed more than 3,000 products to 25,000 North American retailers for more than 20 years.

Conveyorware, a key to the success of "HOUSE OF IMPORTS", now serves as the backbone of Ferber Warehousing and Fulfillment, which handles inventories for more than 1,100 diverse companies. Ferber clients benefit from having access to Conveyorware software. Two major companies, HOMEDICS, and SACS OF LIFE, have successfully grown, powered by Conveyorware Business Distribution Software.

Conveyorware is most simply described as an “All-in-One” Business Distribution Software. It was built-from-the-ground-up by experts in both software and business, to be an all-encompassing series of solutions. Any company with tangible inventory will benefit from this web-based, 24/7 software solution.

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