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Software to run your entire business

Robotics, Smart Warehousing

and YOU!

Getting more connected to the INTERNET of THINGS

What jumps out?

Some categories:

  • Wifi for the entire warehouse…no matter how large.
  • New advances in RF Chip applications….new ways to get products entered into your system, and to track them wherever they are, and for as long as you’d like to track them.
  • Ways to make inventoried items talk to you, when you need them to.
  • Ways to make your warehouse talk to you…meaning shelves, HI lifts, loading docks, automated conveyor work flow updates. And of course, ways to talk to robots and to continuously monitor their work flow, to change work as you like, even get some levels of “assessment” from the robots….
  • It can be as simple as lights coming on when people are moving into an area, and off with the leaving….with fans and AC or heat working in similar fashion.
  • How about verbally asking your Smart Phone to Report on any underutilized areas in your warehouse, or to generate a report. When the Phone comes back with the report a few moments later, it reads off a list to you of all the clients your system flagged as non-optimal - for their profitability, or for yours. This is where a sales call by you, to them, could create a better bottom line.

Could a cool new toy like Atheer AiR Glasses, help your business?

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