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General Features of


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  • Access to confidential Financial data.
  • Full-featured Accounting and Financial Statements.
  • Track receivables, payments and cash flow easily, with real-time reporting.
  • Manual transactions rapidly entered and validated with selectable drop downs.
  • Check reconciliation simplified and speeds up bank balance validation.
  • Complete financials for virtual companies and/or for brick-and-mortar operations.
  • Capacity for growth and expansion at any scale.
  • All-in-one, integrated system generates comprehensive statements.
  • Take the work out of managing Purchase Orders by automating the process.
  • Conveyorware provides the tools you need to manage your purchasing operation.
  • Purchase Order options include Multiple Suppliers, Drop Shipping, and Ocean Freight Tracking (if required).
  • Purchasing is integrated with inventory control and warehouse operations.
  • Manual & automated checks and letters of credit.
  • Viewable/printable check registers, vendor status and transaction reports.
  • Vendor Aging eliminates late fees.
  • Cash-flow requirements to ensure checks have cleared.
  • Prevent payment errors by establishing check limits.
  • Full-featured month-end with extensive purchase journals, vendor performance and invoice distribution reporting.
  • Complete cross-referencing of UPCs, manufacturer’s numbers, serials, lot numbers and receiving records.
  • Flexible, definable stock item and product class categories
  • Connects with Webstore carts and point-of-sale.
  • Track inventory of one or the consolidation of multiple warehouses.
  • Manage returns, exchanges and warranty transactions.
  • Back-order management, by item and/or customer.
  • Specify user defined replenishment levels.
  • Industry compliant product and package labeling: retail, grocer and automotive.
  • Storage, packing, kitting and shipping data are found within invoice history records.
  • Bar-coded pick tickets for flawless fulfillment and shipping.
  • Physical inventory, with full and cycle-count options and variance reporting.
  • Conveyorware tracks inventory accurately, anywhere, in real time.
  • Adapts to your current and your future business needs.
  • Manage a stock room or multiple warehouses.
  • Control stock expiration, serial and lot placement.
  • Labor fees by task, customer, employee or date range.
  • Complete back-office integration with order entry, inventory, and purchasing.
  • Optimize picking, kitting, packing, and replenishment.
  • Manage warehouse services and automate fulfillment.
  • Control the movement and storage of your inventory.
  • In-depth customer records with contacts, addresses, payment terms and credit limits, order and shipping preferences, with annual and 10 years of historical sales data.
  • Track customer purchases, payment history, and client returns.
  • Pricing, financing, and sales commissions can be customer-specific.
  • Increase customer satisfaction while automating transactions.
  • Real-time customer credit oversight.
    Conveyorware interfaces with industry-standard:
  • PC-based cash drawers
  • Scales
  • Card readers
  • Scanners
  • Supports one sales site, multiple sites, or hundreds of purchase counters.
  • Transactions post directly to General Ledger.
  • Real-time inventory visibility.
  • Gift card management with flexible expiration dates.
  • Accommodates credit card processing.
  • Real-time tracking from order receipt through product delivery.
  • Integrated sales, receivables, and customer credit account management.
  • E-Commerce shopping carts feed directly to order fulfillment.
  • Default orders streamline customer service.
  • Automatic future-ship to schedule deliveries and plan product purchases.
  • Tentative order system helps with planning inventory and workflow.
  • Support for multiple picking methods (FIFO, LIFO, serial and lot specific).
  • Compliance with labeling for retail, grocer, & automotive standards.
  • Advance Ship Notices (ASN) generated through third party software.
  • Speedy, simplified processing, from order placement to out-the-door.
  • Eliminate manual paperwork, costly errors and delays.
  • Weight and dimensions from stock records streamline packing and shipping.
  • Hosted UPS shipping; FedEx and USPS via Application Program Interface (API).
  • Freight shipment documents: customs manifest and bills-of-lading.
  • Third Party Billing — pass-through shipping costs with customers’ shipping accounts.
  • Charge customers freight by your cost, cost plus, flat fees, or by sales amount.
  • Seamless product flow to consumers, distributors, or other outlets.
  • Track receivables from orders through payments posted and credits issued.
  • Customers’ billing and payments history- with aging are on the customer display.
  • Customer credit and financing terms with built-in calculations.
  • Speedy, accurate invoicing and customer statements.
  • Ease payment collection with detailed agings identifying special terms.
  • Sales territories by any criteria: geographic, sales team, sales channel: whatever is useful for your business.
  • Flexible commissions determined by item, price, volume or customer master.
  • Commissions accrue automatically: on items and services sold and credits processed for returns.
  • Commissions are payable based on item price, volume or customer master information
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  • Individualize incentives.
  • Track and pay commissions based on your company schedule.
  • Track returns from return authorization, customer files or repair & return history.
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  • Return history integrated to return authorizations, credit requisitions and credit memos.
  • Stock returns maintain a separate quantity awaiting inspection.
  • Repairs-only customer process, streamlines warranty claims for distributors and wholesalers (This feature segregates returns/repairs for your customers, from their consumers).
  • Integrated warranty and repair shipping.
  • Identify product quality by monitoring returns and warranty quantities.
  • Reliable inventory control of saleable inventory.
  • Track sales performance through a user defined reporting system.
  • Sales history by item, territory or sales representative.
  • North American Industrial Classification System (NAICS ) tracking for business sector analysis.
  • Combine distribution, point-of-sale and e-commerce sales activity into one integrated system.
  • Profits, commissions, customers, item performance…analytics for today’s competitive economy.

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