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Meet Fred Ferber

President, CEO and Major Innovator

There's a saying:  When the Future is uncertain, it asks Fred...

Pushing the cutting edge of product development and Logistics since 1962, Fred Ferber has been unparalleled in his growth from Design to Manufacturing, and ultimately to Distribution and all facets of Financial Accounting.

Between his own products, and the warehousing and fulfillment he provided for thousands of other companies, Fred has streamlined the entire ecosystem of inventory, fulfillment, every aspect of warehousing and management. All the systems a business needs have been tied together along with a powerful, integrated accounting system.

Conveyorware, the child of his labor, is a Cloud based, "Software as a Service" format, Digital Ecosystem. Conveyorware connects and processes in all ways a software system can “touch” a business. It re-defines the concept of “All-In-One”, and actually is. It does this so brilliantly that you will probably want to see this for yourself with a Live Demo.

  1. House of Imports Corporation – 25,000 Retailers and Distributors with 3,000 different products (House of Imports, NL Industries, Surveyor Industries, Microelectronic Systems and Rapidman Inc. were sold to Cable Value Network of Minnesota.)
  2. Cable Value Network continued to operate all the companies under the name NL Industries and was acquired by the Home Shopping Channel (HSC) of Florida.)
  3. HoMedics, Inc. – At $300m annual sales of home health care and personal products, the company was turned over to his children.
  4. Ferber Midwest, Inc. – Warehousing & Distribution is Ferber’s current business
  5. Ferber Industries, Inc. – Development of Conveyorware “All-in-One” Business Distribution SaaS Software

A few of Fred's Projects

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"been there, Done That"?

The Fred Ferber Equation

Back in the 60's, in the year that Stan Lee brought the X-Men concept to Marvel Comics, Fred was already known to be a "real life" X-Factor.
He really was, an "X-Man".
Add him into the equation with a new product, company or technology, and amazing things would happen.

While each century has it's "Captains of Industry", it becomes even rarer to find a man that can achieve this level of brilliance and accomplishment across so many decades and generations. But the Fred Ferber Equation is just such a phenomenon, and he wields the technology of tomorrow with a depth of knowledge and history that few in our world can even imagine...

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